About TCD

About TCD

What is The Crypto-Division currently doing:

The Crypto-Division is a website devoted to the education of the masses on blockchain technology. The Crypto-Division’s founder feels strongly that blockchain technology needs to be understood by everyone.

Why? Because in a trust-less world, blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize transactions, data storage, research, governance, privacy, the internet, and much more. This technology will disrupt many current industries and create new industries along the way.

I will try and cover the major current cryptocurrencies; how they contribute to the cryptocurrency world, what new things they bring to the table, how they differ from other coins, and how they are similar. In addition, any new blockchain technologies being released from the developers and how they might change or add value to the market place.

What are The Crypto-Division’s future plans:

Currently, I am not sure. I could move many directions with this. Depending upon what gets the most reception from audiences. My initial thinking was moving into valuing coins with fundamental and technical analysis. As this is quite a big driver behind some of the cryptocurrencies out there. Plus, I am an economics major with an interest in computer science and mathematical cryptography so this path would be a natural extension.

Alternatively, as I move along with this project I may find an area in which I think the unique features of blockchain technology can help and I might develop my own coin in an attempt to solve it, along with hiring additional help.

Another option is to move into cryptocurrency news and broadcasting services. But, I will likely try to service the biggest audience in the best way possible, providing high quality content along the way.

These additional ideas are secondary to the education and publication of easy to understand material regarding blockchain technology.

About the founder of The Crypto-Division:

I am attending school for economics in Idaho. As the website expands I hope to add more people with a stronger foundation in computer science and cryptography to really build the website and deepen our understanding of the technology.

My interest in cryptocurrencies started in 2016 and I have become completely absorbed and fascinated by the technology. This is a learning process for both of us. I hope to be active on the website and maybe start a Youtube channel or Facebook page later as a way for viewers to connect with me.

I hope you enjoy my website and learn enough to spark your interest in the cryptocurrency world.

If the content has sparked an interest or helped you in anyway, feel free to donate some cryptocurrency to the cause.

My BTC address is: 139XzWwdJNzC7vitK7VmomPpnwKLZTkPBF

My ETH address is: 0x9C0906cDb7e179A3D8D9d451FE675BD0E6428236

My XMR address is: 4262AwLVeLwVem8JNzLuQ73kjdjRJEpSygyGncSwnWZsCXC7v4a9WtvhTZopoJBeF8f5Z3SMyHUArHrpssobJbJU972137B

The CryptoDivision uses referral links, donations, and ads as a source of income, but does not endorse any particular exchange or wallet. The owner does use Gdax, Coinbase, Bittrex, Kucoin, and Kraken. If you wish to support me please use the referral links.