RFID Protector Leather Wallet for Men

RFID Protector Leather Wallet for Men


RFID Wallet for Men/Women to Protect your Money Against Scammers/Hackers

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Product Description

The greatest advantage ———- Instead of white fabric, STARLIGHTS  uses HIGH-TECH,HEAT-TRANSFER-LEATHER, realizes heat transfer printing on PU leather directly,  to make the whole wallet more textured.

The characteristics of the HEAT-TRANSFER-LEATHER:

1. High temperature resistance, bright color and durability.

The sublimation printing color on the white fabric is rough because of its texture. It’s not as delicate as our HEAT-TRANSFER LEATHER. The sublimation printing color on other brand white leather on the market disappears naturally after printed more than 10 days. SUPERNOVA HEAT-TRANSFER LEATHER solve this problem.

2. Wear-resistant, durable, waterproof and dirty-resistant.

The white fabric is not waterproof and dirty. After one or two months of use, the white face is dirty and can not be washed.

3. Hardness and leather texture.

The wallet made of white fabric is soft and crumbling. After a long time, there is no type.



The styles we developed are all popular wallet styles on the market. Maintain fashionable and multi-functional styling as far as possible no-hindering the effect of heat transfer printing. Various styles and reasonable design.


In addition to the black litchi pattern, we started to provide multi-color and multi-Leather-Pattern wallets, such as snake skin pattern of ten colors, crocodile pattern of six colors. In this way, customers will have more and more reasonable choices according to their own pictures.


Made into a finished wallet, there are many processes. We promise quality control in each process, to ensure that every finished product is perfect and flawless ,all are fine products:)

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